Remembary and Your Privacy

Diaries are very personal, private things. Remembary takes your privacy very seriously. Here are some facts about Remembary and your privacy:

- Your diary entries stay inside Remembary on your iOS device. They are not sent or synced to any online service or platform. 

- While Remembary connects to various social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, it only reads data from these services - it doesn't send anything back.

- The one exception to the above is that Facebook tracks some general user information such as age and gender and provides usage reports to the developer. These reports only show all users in aggregate, and include no personally identifiable information. Of course, if you do not use the Facebook connection features of Remembary, then Facebook will not gather or share this information.

- Apple also sends some general aggregated usage data (number of downloads, total number of app launches, total crashes) to the developer, which includes no personally identifiable data.

- Your diary is stored inside a database file that is backed up along with your all of your other iOS app data. If you are backing up to your computer and you do not encrypt your backup, it is possible for a technically sophisticated user to read your diary (although it wouldn't be easy). If your local backups are encrypted, or you are backing up to iCloud, your diary information is much more secure.

- If you are concerned about someone stealing or snooping through your device, you should secure your device with a startup code and/or fingerprint or FaceID security, and also add a startup password to Remembary.

- While DropBox and iCloud backup are both generally considered quite secure, they are outside of the control of Remembary's developer, so security of your exported or backed-up data cannot be guaranteed.

- All diary exports are stored in Remembary's "Documents" folder, even if they are later sent via email or to DropBox. These exported files are available when in iTunes whenever your device is connected to your computer and you have confirmed that your device and computer trust each other. If you are concerned about privacy, consider deleting these files once you no longer need them.

If you have any questions or concerns about Remembary or about your privacy, please contact the developer.