Remembary: The Connected Diary For Your iPhone and iPad.

Your life.

On Your device.


More and more of your life is online and in your device. Remembary is the only diary app for iPhone and iPad that uses all of this to help you remember what you did each day. 

Twitter. Facebook. RSS. Calendar Events. Photo Library. Photo Stream. Remembary brings everything together in one place to show you what you did and when. It even builds an automatic map for you.

  • Remember what you said. Remembary uses iOS6's built-in Twitter and Facebook accounts for a zero-configuration experience.
  • Remember what you saw. Remembary automatically finds all pictures and videos in your device's Photo Library and Photo Stream that match the current day, and lists them by time. 
  • Remember where you were. Pictures, Tweets, and Facebook Status Updates with GPS information automatically show up on a map for each day.
  • Remember what you did. Remembary shows events from your iCal-linked Calendars.
  • The best-looking diary app on iOS. 12 retina-grade themes with fine paper textures and watermarks, 14 fonts of any size, including vintage typewriters, calligraphy, and Jane Austen's actual handwriting. 3D page turn effects. Full-screen in landscape and portrait mode on all iOS devices, including retina iPads and the new iPhone5.
  • Fill In Your Past. Download your last 3500 tweets from each registered account. Shows and maps all pictures from your Photo Library, even from that road trip ten years ago.
  • Fill In Your Present. In a hurry? Tap on tweets and status updates to instantly copy them into your diary, or use iOS6's voice recognition to dictate your diary entry.
  • All the basics, too. Export and import your diary via email or DropBox. Secure with a password. Search for any content. Quickly jump around between your diary entries.
I have been searching for a diary app for some time and definitely this is the best diary app. - MasterMD
    Very functional, looks great. ... Large selection of backgrounds and fonts. Smooth page turning. A calendar that makes finding things easy. Easy linking to social networks. Good backup options. Typing is directly on the page, no pop up data entry windows ( hate these). We even got a better icon. Fab upgrade. Love. - Zmaaran
      Remembary is a great iPad Journal App ... every bit as good as Momento. -