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Does Remembary support automatic sync between devices?

As soon as I started demoing the iPhone version of Remembary, people wanted to know if Remembary could sync automatically between the iPhone and iPad versions.

Remembary lets you manually transfer data between devices, but it does not support automatic syncing. This is for several reasons: 

  1. Syncing is extremely difficult to do properly. It's surprisingly easy to end up with duplicated data or deleted entries. Diary entries are little pieces of people's lives, and I don't want to have any automatic process that might risk deleting those entries.
  2. Diaries can be extremely private things, but syncing requires keeping a copy of your private diary in some kind of cloud storage belonging to someone else. I don't want to risk anybody's private information getting exposed.

Remembary 2 does let you manually export and import your data. For example, if you usually keep your diary on your iPad, but go on a trip and only bring your iPhone, you can export your diary from that day, month, or year, and then import it into your iPad. The import function will skip any duplicates, but if it finds different entries on the same days, it will keep both, putting the new entry after the original.

This is sort of like syncing, but it's entirely under the user's control, which is safer and more reliable than automatic syncing through the cloud.

Why do some of the pictures have the wrong dates?

NOTE: This has been fixed in iOS6! Make sure you've updated your copy of iPhoto or Aperture on your computer as well and re-sync your photos.

While most pictures have the correct date and time, pictures that have been edited or which have had their dates modified in iPhoto can sometimes show up attached to the wrong dates in Remembary. 

Unfortunately this is due to bug in iOS5's image library API that ignores the date that pictures have in iPhoto / Aperture and instead uses the last time that they were edited. Apple has acknowledged that this is a bug and they seem to have recently tried to fix it, but it still seems to be a problem. The exact same problem appears in Apple's own iPhoto for iOS app, as well as Day One and other prominent apps. This is no longer a problem in iOS6. Considering upgrading your device.

Why do some of my older tweets have the wrong dates?

If you've used the "Download Twitter History" feature to get up to the last 3600 tweets per account, you might notice a few tweets with impossibly old dates from the 1990s or earlier. It turns out that Twitter itself is sending the wrong dates from its own API, so there isn't much that can be done. Hopefully they will fix their archives soon.

Remembary runs slowly on my old device. How can I speed things up?

If you have an older device such as an iPhone 3GS or first-generation iPad, you might notice Remembary freezing for a few moments on startup and as you go between diary entries - especially if you have lots of different feeds with many items in them and/or thousands of pictures in your device. 

You can easily switch the various fetches on and off through the "Auto-Fetch" tab of the feeds popup. Try turning off just one fetch at a time until performance improves. You can easily turn them back on again later on.

The automatic feeds are what make Remembary unique, but even without them it's still a really nice diary-keeping app.

Any tips for managing my photo library for Remembary?

Once you start using Remembary a lot, you're likely to find yourself taking a whole lot more pictures than before. While the picture lookup is pretty efficient, you might notice the app slowing down if you have more than, say, 10,000 pictures on your device. Often you don't need to include every picture you've ever taken. Set up photo albums in iPhoto or Aperture with your favourite pictures, and then tell iTunes to only sync certain albums. Smart albums are a great way to make sure you have all of your 5-star pictures, or pictures of certain people or places. If you're using Photo Stream, you won't even need to import your most recent pictures - they're synced automatically.

Why do I seem to have duplicate pictures?

Remembary checks your entire photo library for pictures that match a given day - this includes your locally-stored pictures and the automatically-synced ones in Photo Stream. If you're taking pictures with the same device where you're using Remembary, the Photo Stream versions will show up next to the regular ones. 

In the daily pictures popup, you'll notice pictures show up with a camera icon (for locally stored pictures) or a cloud icon (for Photo Stream pictures). At the top of the pictures popup is a little control that lets you view All pictures, or only the local ones or only Photo Stream ones.

If you're using an iPhone and have "HDR" turned on, it will store two slightly different versions of each picture that you take. This can look like duplicates, but note that each of these pictures can look quite different, due to the HDR process. 

Why didn't my recent iCal events show up? 

If you didn't configure calendar events to sync in your device's "Settings" app, you might need to actually open the Calendar app and let it re-sync your events and appointments. After it has been updated, you can then return to Remembary and it will show the new schedule. Note that Remembary does a fresh lookup in your calendar every time it goes to a new page, so it should always be up-to-date with your actual Calendar app.

Remembary crashed and then stopped showing my photos!

The iOS photo library has (another!) bug that can sometimes cause it to crash Remembary when a photo album is empty or has a problem with its index. Unfortunately, there's no way to catch this error before it crashes the entire application. Older versions of Remembary would just keep crashing on startup until a picture was added to the photo album or the device was synced again. Remembary 2 now notices if it had crashed the last time it was running, turns off the photo fetch function to keep it from crashing again, and brings up a browser page explaining the situation. You can fix the crash situation by simply taking a picture or a screen shot with your device. Then you can go to the Auto-Fetch panel and turn the photo library fetch back on again. 

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