A Proven Remedy For
Chronic Empty-Diary-itis

Keeping a daily journal can be hugely rewarding - but starting the habit can be tough. It's all too easy to miss a few days and even easier to forget what you did in the past. Busy lifestyles and poor memory are leading causes of empty-diary-itis.

Attack these symptoms head-on with Remembary: The Connected Diary for iOS.

Read What You Were Saying

Remembary helps you remember what you did each day by automatically connecting to Twitter, Facebook, Blog and news RSS feeds - and even your iCloud calendar. Tap on an icon to see everything you posted or scheduled that day. Tap on any entry to copy it right into your day's diary entry.

See Your Pictures. All Of Them.

Remembary searches through your entire photo library to show you every picture or video you took on any day. Do you have pictures from your tenth birthday? They're already in your diary. Tap on any picture to see it in full-screen. Pictures with GPS coordinates are automatically added to a map for each day.  

Write Anywhere, anytime.

Remembary works and looks great on anything from an iPhone 5 to an iPad Pro. It has 20 themes, including extra dark ones for writing at night, and lets you use any font you want - it even has several custom vintage typewriter and authentic handwriting fonts.  You can export and re-import your diary any time. You can also secure it with a password.

Nobody has to suffer from empty-diary-itis anymore. With regular doses of Remembary, you too can have a fulfilling - and thoroughly filled - journaling experience. Available now on the App Store: