Remembary is a product of Shindig Digital Constructions Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Application development and design by Andrew Burke.

Development support from Luboš Andel.

Remembary logo design by Lance Hancock.

Original "Notebook", "Parchment", "Circles" and "Planner" theme designs by Carol Clapham.

Original "Fathom" and "Codex" themes by Nick Bolger.

Original "Kids" and "Light's Out" themes by Britney McIsaac.

Some theme textures adapted from

"Jane Austen" "Tycho's Recipe", and "Mitre Square" fonts licensed from Pia Frauss.

"Underwood Champion" font licensed from Vic Fieger.

Toolbar icons and some background textures by Joseph Wain /

Calendar interface adapted from SI-Calendar by Savage Interactive
(Copyright © 2010 Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.) 

Special thanks to Jesse and Bill at MindSea, and MigrantP for their advice and patience.

Extra special thanks to Shannon Brownlee for emotional support.

This website was built with and lives on SquareSpace.