Remembary 2.0 has been submitted to the App Store and should be available in a week or two.

Remembary 1.4.2 came out almost nine months ago, and if you're used to that version you're in for a treat. Here's what's new:

iPhone / iPod Touch Version: All of the functionality of the iPad version has been shrunk down to fit in your pocket. Note that some elements have been rearranged to fit the smaller device. 

iBooks-style 3D page turn effects: you can still tap or swipe to move between diary entries, but the transition is a whole lot nicer.

Full Page Landscape Mode: The old 'split view' is gone - now Remembary gives you the full landscape width of the screen for reading and writing.

New and Redesigned Themes: All ten of the original themes from Remembary 1.4.2 have been redesigned for retina displays, the new 3D page flips, full-width landscape displays, and for the iPhone/iPod Touch. They take full advantage of the new iPad retina display, including paper textures, watermarks and photo-realistic backgrounds. There are also two new themes: the fun 'Kids' complete with doodles in the margins, and 'Lights Out!' which is designed for writing in your diary late at night.

New Fonts: Some new fonts have been added, including the cursive "Noteworthy" and the gritty typewriter "Underwood Champion".

Support for iOS' Built-In Twitter Accounts: Remembary automatically uses your device's built-in Twitter accounts and authentication. If you have multiple accounts set up in your device, Remembary will fetch tweets from all of them. This also means that Remembary can now support private Twitter feeds. You can download the entire available Tweet history for all of your accounts (up to 3500 Tweets each). You can still specify a Twitter feed manually if you want (although it will be cleared automatically if it's a duplicate of one of the iOS accounts).

Copy Feed Items to Your Diary: Each feed item now has a button that lets you copy the text and timestamp directly into that day's diary entry. This lets you quickly build up your diary without having to do any typing!

Feed Listing Filters: If you're a prolific twitterer or have a busy calendar or track busy RSS feeds, you can now filter your feeds listing by feed type from a segmented control at the top of the listing.

iCal Events: Remembary now searches through your device's iCal events and automatically includes entries in the appropriate day's feed listing. You'd be surprised how far back your events are stored in your device! This even works with iCloud sync, so (for example) if you add or change an event on your computer or iPhone, it will show up automatically in your iPad.

Better Facebook Feeds: Facebook status updates that have a location specified will now show up on the map interface. Also, Remembary doesn't anonymously import comments left on your wall by other people anymore (which can get confusing on your birthday!).

Photo Listing Filters: If you take most of your pictures with your iPhone or iPad and also use Photo Stream, you often end up with the same pictures showing up multiple times in your listing. Now you can filter the listing to only show pictures from the local photo library or from Photo Stream.

Auto Fetch Settings: Now that Remembary even works on the iPhone 3GS, all of the different fetches can slow down the app's performance, especially if you have a lot of photos or very busy feeds. You can now turn off any or all of the feed fetches if you want. Turn them all off and Remembary is still a really nice-looking diary app.

Calendar Interface: Instead of just a list of entries, Remembary now has a full browsable calendar view. Dates with diary entries show up in green, so you can easily see how well you've been keeping your diary. The calendar panel also includes buttons for jumping to the earliest or latest entry, one year forward or back, or even (very cool!) a random diary entry.

New Photo Interface: The new full-screen picture and video viewer is more responsive, showing a low-res version while the full version loads. You can now swipe left and right to move between your photos. If your photo / video is geotagged, you can see where it was taken on a full-screen map.

New Map Styles: All map displays now let you pick between street style, satellite imagery, or a hybrid of both.

Data Export and Import: You can now export your diary in a data format that can then be imported back into Remembary later on. This is especially handy if you're using Remembary on multiple devices - you can export and export through DropBox, for example.

Improved Performance: Extra indexes have been added to the database to dramatically improve feed item fetch speed. Processing-intensive operations like photo library lookups or RSS feed downloads now happen mostly in background processes so they don't interfere with browsing and typing. 

AuthorAndrew Burke