Remembary 1.4 has been almost five months in the making and has a number of exciting new features.

Revolutionary Media Support

The biggest deal is the new support for photos and videos. Remembary automatically searches your iPad's photo library and gives you a popover list of every picture or video for the current day, listed with the times they were taken. Tapping on a picture brings it up in full screen, where you zoom in and out of the image. Tapping on a video lets you watch it - also in full screen. You don't have to dig around for your images in the Image Picker - Remembary gets all of them.

If you have an iPad2, you can even take pictures or video directly from within the application - and since they're added to the iPad's photo library, they're instantly available in today's diary entry.

Even Cooler: Maps

If your pictures have location information, Remembary will automatically place them on a map for you. The map also includes any Tweets you've made with location information as well. This gives you a quick and easy - and fully automatic - way to see where you've been.

When iCloud goes live this fall, background photo syncing will make the photo and map features even more valuable. Take a picture on your iPhone and by the time you sit down to write in your diary, the picture will already be in today's entry - and on its map.

Improved Export

The export function in Remembary 1.4 does a lot more than previous version - so much more now that it has its own button and popover. You now have the option to export by day, month, or year (or everything). You can also send your export in an email, or even send it to DropBox.

Diary on the Fly

Remembary was originally designed for people (like me) who take several days to get around to writing their diaries. Some people are more organized than that and like to write their diaries in real time. If you're writing a diary entry for today, Remembary now has a 'timestamp' button, which automatically adds the current time to the bottom of your entry. This is great for road trips or other kinds of travel. iPad2 users also get a 'camera' button that lets them take pictures or videos, which are automatically added to today's entry.

Better Localization

Remembary 1.4 now uses the date and time formats specified in your iPad settings - and this includes non-English languages and alphabets. The date name search now also works for non-English languages as well: 'Janvier' will give French-speaking diary-keepers every entry from January, for example.

Lots of Other Stuff

When you're typing in an entry, Remembary automatically saves in the background every ten seconds.

Earlier versions had occasional problems with the main text box shrinking very small or growing to be longer than the page - this has been addressed, boxed up, taped down, bolted into place, and given a stern talking to. It shouldn't happen again.

There have also been lots of small updates and fixes to improve application performance and stability.

Let Me Know What You Think

Let me know what you think of the new updates! You can add comments right on this page, or if you're using Remembary you can now send an email directly from the "?" links popover. Remembary is also on Facebook and Twitter.

AuthorAndrew Burke