Remembary 1.3.5 came out last Wednesday. This version was all about making the app look and act better. Here's what's new:

1. Faster fetching: Remembary's code that checks and downloads RSS, Twitter, and Facebook has been updated and sped up. More importantly, the fetches all run as background processes so that they don't get in the way of you writing your diary entry.

2. Animated page turns: The earlier versions had an admittedly low-rent page-turning animation that simply consisted of a grey bar sliding across the page while the contents changed. Remembary now has actual sliding animated page turns that really help with the 'book' feeling.

3. New themes: Speaking of the 'book' feeling, Remembary has some great new themes. The new theme - which is now the default, is "Codex", by Nick Bolger (the artist behind the great "Fathom" theme). I asked him for something that visually matched the current cover image, gave him some archival images of Samuel Pepys' actual diary as inspiration, and left him alone for while. He really hit it out of the park, I think. Nick is also an avid user of Remembary, and I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing his own design every day.

The other themes are from Carol Clapham, who has provided some great variations on the elegant design she did for Remembary 1.0. "Platinum" is a grey-scaled version, for people who are strictly business. "Heart", with its pink highlights, has a bit more whimsy:

If you're into astrology (or you just like purple), Carol's "Zodiac" theme might be for you:

4. Improved Feeds Popup: Version 1.0 of Remembary only supported Twitter and 3 RSS feeds. Remembary 1.3.5 supports Twitter, Facebook, 5 RSS feeds, and various related options, such as testing feeds, downloading old tweets, and links for more information about these data sources. While the iPad screen is fairly big, the popup was getting confusing and cluttered. The new version groups the settings into three different sections, selected with a segmented button control:


You can see all of the new features of Remembary 1.3.5 in the new video guide.

AuthorAndrew Burke