Remembary 1.3 came out last Friday, just as Remembary started showing up in "What's Hot" and "New and Notable" listings in iPad App Stores worldwide. Here's what's new in this release:

Probably the most exciting new feature in Remembary 1.3 is proper Facebook integration. Tapping on "Authenticate with Facebook" will let you sign into Facebook and register your version of Remembary. From then on, your Status updates will automatically be fetched and organized into the feed listing for every day, alongside your Tweets and RSS items.

Now that there are three kinds of feeds coming into Remembary, the feed listings have all been merged into one. You can still tell the different feeds apart, since they each have a name and they're also colour-coded: yellow-orange for RSS, light blue for Twitter, and grey for Facebook.

Under the hood, the feed reader is more sophisticated. It can handle more date formats - especially Twitter's curious switch in their date format from a few months ago. More importantly, the reader can now update existing feed items that may have changed - Flickr photo titles or times, for example.

Remembary is now more web-savvy. It now has a popup with links to all sorts of useful things: a quick help guide, the Remembary website, the support/feedback form, the Remembary app page on Facebook, the Remembary Twitter account, the App Store page, and the app credits. If you're new to diary-wriiting, you can even follow a link to an email plan that sends you daily helpful reminders and advice for getting started.

Remembary has a number of other changes under the hood, including a lot of performance and stability improvements. 

Work has already started on the next release of Remembary: 1.3.1 - stay tuned for more details.


AuthorAndrew Burke