Remembary 1.2 came out a few days ago. Here's what's new:

Five new gorgeous themes

Remembary 1.1 had a great looking diary page, but everybody has different feelings about what they want their diary to look like, so now Remembary has five new themes. More designs will be coming in future releases of Remembary.

The stories and artists behind each theme will be covered in a separate blog post, but for now, just take a look at them!


Cover Page

With Remembary looking better all around, it was time to also update the cover page that comes up if you have password-protected your diary. Remembary 1.1 just had a lot of beige with some text on it. Lance Hancock designed a drop-dead gorgeous leather cover with metal corners and a beautiful worn paper label. It seemed a shame to only have this cover show for passwords, so now Remembary always launches with this cover page that slides open like a book.

Daily Summary Field

Just underneath the date there is now a "Summary" field - tapping on this lets you enter a single line of text that also shows up in the popup/sidebar entries listing, and is also searchable. This could be a brief description of the day's events, or 'tags' for the day, or your weight, or miles driven, or any other kind of short daily information.

Improved RSS/Tweet listings

The popup 'table view' listings of RSS items and tweets are now much better looking and more informative. Remembary 1.1 just showed the time and the item text in plain Helvetica. Now the time and the data source are in colour, and the content is on its own.

Deletable RSS Items / Tweets

Some times you just don't want to be reminded of things. You can now delete RSS items and tweets. Tap on the "Edit" button at the top of the views and then tap on the items you want to get rid of.

New Toolbar

Remembary's toolbar is now entirely graphical - it uses great icons from the Glyphish collection. 

5 RSS Feeds Now, Instead of 3

RSS and Twitter setup has been moved to its own popup box. You can now track up to five RSS feeds, instead of the three that Remembary 1.1 allowed.

Test feeds / Twitter

RSS feeds often have long, complicated addresses - and sometimes you can't tell if a feed doesn't work, or if it just hasn't had any content for a while. The feeds popup now has a "Test Feeds" button - tap it and Remembary will fetch the feed and show you how many entries it found (or show you a red "X" if the feed didn't work). It also checks your Twitter feed as well.

Better RSS Parsing

Under the hood, Remembary 1.2.1 does a much better job of reading all sorts of RSS feeds, including strange ones that might not have dates, or are missing unique identifiers (or both, like Hacker News). It's much better at detecting the many ways that links can be included in a feed - and makes sure that Flickr and Picasa images are tagged with the date they were taken rather than the date they were added.

Better Pop-up Browser

Tapping on any feed item or tweet brings up an embedded browser. Remembary 1.2.1's browser is much improved from Remembary 1: it now shows the page title, context-sensitive forward/back buttons, and a 'still downloading' spinner.

Better Password Handling

Remembary's password protection is great for people who want privacy, but it's a double-edged sword: if you forget your password, it's almost impossible to get back into your Remembary diary. Because setting a password has such dangerous consequences, you now have to tap on a "Set Password" button to lock in the password that you enter. If you just leave the Diary Prefs popup without tapping on the button, the password won't be saved.

There are lots of other little fixes and updates all through Remembary, including more reliable saving of your diary entries, faster lookups, and a data migrations framework. There is a whole lot more planned for Remembary 1.3!

AuthorAndrew Burke