The latest update to Remembary included really cool picture and map support. Some users have contacted me to say that they aren't seeing any pictures or maps in their versions of Remembary. Here's how to fix that:

1. Do a Test. Take a screenshot of your iPad by holding down the 'home' button (in the middle of the bottom of the iPad) and the 'power' button (on the right side of the top of the iPad). If you have an iPad2, you can take a picture or video with one of the built-in cameras instead. The new picture or screenshot should be saved in your iPad's photo library, which means if you go to today's entry in Remembary, it should show the picture button near the top right of the Remembary page, with at least one picture in the list. If the picture button still isn't showing up, check item 2 below to see if your iPad is configured correctly. If the picture does show up, check item 3 below, to make sure you actually have pictures in your photo library.

2. Make sure Location Services are enabled. When you first started Remembary after buying it or upgrading to 1.4, a box popped up saying that Remembary wanted to use your location. This is an iOS-supplied (and poorly worded) box that is actually asking to allow Remembary to access location services and the iPad photo library. For the pictures and maps to work, you need to have answered YES to this question. Don't worry if you didn't though: just go to your iPad's "Settings" app and pick "Location Services" from the listing on the left side - make sure that Location Services have been turned on for your iPad, and then make sure that Remembary is allowed to access Location Services from the list on the right.

Note that Remembary doesn't actually detect your current location - but it does get the location information from the pictures in your Photo Library, as well as from your Tweets. 

3. Check your Photo Library. If your iPad runs out of storage space (which can easily happen if you put movies and TV shows on there, or if you have a large music collection or photo library), iTunes often removes pictures first before removing anything else - so check in your iPad's "Photos" app to see if there are in fact any photos available. If there aren't any, you'll need to change your sync settings in iTunes to include fewer items.

If none of these things work, there may be something else wrong - so please use the Contact form and let me know.

AuthorAndrew Burke