What makes Remembary different from other iPad diary apps is how it uses Twitter and RSS feeds to help you reconstruct what happened in your life.

A fun side effect of this is that Remembary can help reconstruct what happened to other people.  The data that Remembary collects from Twitter and RSS is public, so by entering someone else's Twitter feed and blog posts it's possible to get a sense of what they've been up to.

This blog will occasionally feature fake diaries for various people based on what they have tweeted and blogged. These won't just be attempts to recreate their normal lives, though - they'll be improved lives: they'll be absurdist heroic adventures, romantic spy dramas, cyperpunk dada, whatever - but all based on their tweets and blogs.

The first subject is the inimitable Giles Bowkett: he lives a pretty intense life as a developer, entrepreneur, actor, and musician in Los Angeles. His diary included self-aware cell phones, hip-hop freestyling at Intelligentsia Coffee, and Megan Fox with a revolver.

Look for more fake diaries coming soon.

Send a note to @remembary on Twitter if you have any suggestions for fake diary subjects.

If you're interested in getting one done for yourself (or a friend), send a screenshot of Remembary with the Feeds popover open so it shows the Twitter account and feeds that you're using. 

AuthorAndrew Burke