Remembary 2.0.3 is now out and it includes updated 'tall' and 'wide' iPhone5 graphics for all twelve of the included themes. Like on the iPad and other iPhones, these use every available pixel to give a rich writing and reading experience, including paper textures and sometimes even watermarks. Here's a quick overview of each of the themes:
  • Codex: Gives the impression of an antique tome with old weathered paper. This works nicely with fonts like "Tycho's Recipe" and "Jane Austen". The original version was designed by Nick Bolger, but has been reworked from scratch by Andrew Burke for the new version.
  • Daybook: This is descended from the original theme for Remembary, which used to be called "Planner". If you look closely at the pages in this theme, you can even see a watermark. The original was designed by Carol Clapham, but has been reworked from scratch by Andrew Burke for the new version.
  • Notebook: Carol Clapham designed the original version, but this has been thoroughly updated for the retina display with paper pulp, aging effects, and a photorealistic background. It now feels a bit like an old school notebook found in someone's attic.
  • Platinum: This is based on another Carol Clapham design. It's closely related to "Daybook" but has a more hard-driving "Executive" feel. The black leather and stitching were actually taken from a scan of a Targus iPad case.
  • Kids: This was designed by Brittney McIsaac, a Halifax-based graphic designer who has worked on a number of iOS apps over the years. Since Remembary is text-based, the margin doodles have to be built into the theme! The octopus in the top right corner might become Remembary's new mascot.
  • Lights Out!: Another Brittney McIsaac production, this is designed to be used at night if you're catching up on your diary after the lights have gone out and you don't want to disturb anybody.
  • Fathom: The original version was designed by Nick Bolger, but this has been thorougly updated for retina displays. The background wood pattern is actually from a wooden pier in Gros Morne, Newfoundland.
  • Heart: This uses the same basic ingredients as "Platinum" but reverses the aesthetic appeal. If "Platinum" was for the Corporate Raider in all of us, "Heart" is for the teenage girl in there too.
  • Paper: The original version was a quick stock photo adaptation from Lance Hancock (who also designed the cover page) which turned out to be an appealing favourite. It works surprisingly well with the "Andrew" and "Jane Austen" fonts.
  • Zodiac: Another Carol Clapham design, heavily updated with retina-grade stars and nebulae for a mystic spacy feel.
  • Parchment: An original Carol Clapham design that only required small adjustments to work in the new Remembary. It looks vintage and like a stylized watercolour at the same time.
  • Circles: Another Carol Clapham design that didn't need many changes for Remembary 2. It strikes a nice balance between seriousness and whimsy.
AuthorAndrew Burke