Here are some notes about each of the fonts. Several of the fonts are licensed from the the excellent (not to mention erudite) collection at Pia Frauss.

  • Bradley Hand: The original default font for Remembary. Looks like handwriting while maintaining legibility.
  • Jane Austen: is from Pia Frauss and is exactly what it sounds like: it's based on the actual handwriting of the famous author herself. It looks especially good on the "Paper" and "Codex" themes
  • Tycho's Recipe: Another Pia Frauss production - it isn't the most legible font, but it's quite striking, especially with all of the flourishes. It's based on an actual recipe by 16th century scientist Tycho Brahe, copied as a gift to the queen of Denmark - a recipe for a medicine "against Plague, and all Morbos Epidemicos". It looks great with the stylized antiquity of the "Parchment" theme.
  • Mitre Square: is also from Pia Frauss and is a fine example of late Victorian steel-tipped pen handwriting. The name comes from the part of London where Jack the Ripper used to lurk - the original version of this font comes from a police report about the murders. I like to use it with the "Codex" theme:
  • Snell Roundhand: An old-fashioned cursive font that emphasises "restraint and proportionality".
  • Andrew: is a cheerful-looking free font from Andrew Vardeman. I don't have much information about him or his font - but it's cheerful and a bit child-like. It looks great on "Notebook" or "Kids".
  • Noteworthy: is a newer 'handwriting' font built into iOS. It looks like it will be the font for the iOS6 version of the "Notes" app, which has some font snobs already calling it the new "Comic Sans". It looks nice in "Heart" and "Notebook".
  • Hoefler Text: is an old favourite. It has a distinctive, slightly old fashioned look, while actually being very technically sophisticated in its use of ligatures and such. It looks quite nice at a large size on the "Platinum" or "Daybook" themes.
  • Times New Roman Italic: One of the original six fonts that came with Remembary 1.0, there's really not much to say about Times New Roman Italic. It's handsome but stays out of the way.
  • Didot: An elegant serif font that Wikipedia describes as "neoclassical" and "evocative of the Age of Enlightenment". Several people had asked about having more straight serif fonts in Remembary, and I hope this and Hoefler Text give them what they want.
  • American Typewriter: iOS' clean built-in typewriter font. If you think it's too clean, try...
  • Underwood Champion: A licensed font based on actual old typewriter text, with a much more realistic, gritty feel. It looks really great on top of "Platinum" or "Daybook" pages.
  • Marker Felt: A fun font built into iOS - notable as the "Notes" app font.
  • Helvetica: The only font here with its own documentary.
AuthorAndrew Burke