Remembary just got a nice review on noted App Review site Remembary got 4 out of 5 stars, and the reviewer tagged it as "MANLY", due, I think, to Lance Hancock's leather cover design and Nick Bolger's great "Codex" theme.

Also, I'm glad someone noted this long-time feature of the app:

Before I get started with actually reviewing the application, I have to give a quick golf clap to the developers of Remembary for coming up with such a creative way to present in instructions on how to use the app. The first “journal entry” (I refuse to call it a diary) is actually instructions on how to use the app written completely in first person

The reviewer's critiques were mostly well-founded and many will be dealt with in upcoming releases. One surprise, though: I never realized that "diary" was such a "girly" word for some people - I always thought of "The Diary of Samuel Pepys" while developing the app, and he was certainly manly enough (just ask the Royal Navy, King Charles II, his wife, and his many mistresses!). Also, of course, "Journal" has too many meanings (academic journals, newspapers) which would confuse searches on the web and in the app store, so I picked "Diary" as a more specific label. 

AuthorAndrew Burke