As mentioned in the previous post, Remembary 2 has been fully updated to work with the new iPad's retina display. Remembary 2 will also feature iBooks-style 3D page turn effects. However, to take full advantage of the retina display and the 3D effects, the existing themes have had to be reworked. Updating the themes to a new look has taken a lot of work, but the results are gorgeous. Old themes have been reworked - some completely redone from scratch - and some new themes have been added. I've tried to include a little bit of everything that people might like in a diary: professional, vintage, retro, romantic, cute, nautical - even a dark coloured theme for writing in your diary after the lights go out.

So here's a sneak preview of what shows up in the "Themes" menu in Remembary 2 - in full Retina display resolution:

(Looks like I'll need to fine-tune some of the layout - but I only just finished all of this and wanted to get it online for everyone ASAP.)

AuthorAndrew Burke