Remembary 2 is getting very close to ready - I'm aiming to have it live by mid July. This big update has been a very long time coming. So long, in fact, that this will be the first version that supports the new retina-screen iPad. I've got some new theme designs coming in the new version, and I've made sure to have those done in regular and retina sizes, but I've also been trying to get as many of the old designs sharpened as well.

The problem with retina graphics is that it's difficult to 'upgrade' lower-resolution images into higher-resolution ones. I've reached out to many of the designers who worked on the original theme designs, but over the last year or so some have become too busy, while others have moved to new jobs in new cities and have been very hard to reach.

Thankfully, many of the original themes were done as vector graphics, so those have been relatively easy to scale up. Unfortunately, several of the most popular themes were done as bitmaps, with lots of subtlety and texture, and needed to be rebuilt from scratch.

Luckily, my Pixelmator skills have improved dramatically over the last year, mainly due to almost daily exercise with my site Starships Start Here. I've also found some great source material in iStockPhoto that I've been able to rework into my graphics.

The retina graphics looked pretty good when I ran them on the simulator, but they look insanely great on the new iPad. All the extra texture details and edges are extra sharp. It's impossible to really show what this looks like without showing the device itself, but here's the original "Codex" theme:

... and here's a similarly-sized corner of the new one:

I'm really looking forward to getting these images out into your hands. Look out for the big launch in July!

AuthorAndrew Burke