While Remembary 2 is getting closer and closer to ready, I took a quick break last week to go hiking in the spectacular Gros Morne National Park. I took a lot of geotagged pictures with my iPhone and my GPS-enhanced Canon SX230HS, and they've really helped me stress-test the picture and mapping features of Remembary 2.

Here's a sneak preview of the updated full-screen image view:

It's still full-screen and pinch-to-zoom enabled, and it now has nicer-looking retina-grade icons - but did you also notice the map icon at the top? Tapping that gives you this:

A full-screen map, available in Street, Satellite, and Hybrid versions. You can even use the forward and back buttons to move between pictures while the map is up, which simply moves the red pin and recenters the map on it. It turns out this is a great way to track a hike through the wilderness - or a day at a Theme Park, or a pub crawl, or whatever else you find worthy of taking pictures and following on a map in your diary.

(Also, Gros Morne is one of those places where the satellite pictures look as good as the photos taken on the ground.)

AuthorAndrew Burke