I've been working very hard over the last few weeks to get Remembary 2.0 out the door. This is going to be a major update with a whole lot of new features. If everything goes well, I plan to submit it to the store in early July. In leading up to the new release, I'll be posting previews of some of the cool new things that are coming.

Today: The New Calendar Popover:

(The final version will probably look a lot better than this - certainly the button spacing and alignment will be improved!)

Remembary 2.0 now has a real calendar view for browsing your entries. Dates that have a written entry now show up in green, while dates where you haven't written anything show are in grey. This lets you easily find gaps in your diary-keeping (and Remembary's automatic feeds and pictures and maps can help remind you what heppened so you can fill them in).

The buttons at the bottom are very interesting:

Today jumps you to today's entry from wherever you might be in your diary. 

1 Year Earlier and 1 Year Later let you jump forward and back from the current date. When browsing through my old diaries, I often enjoy seeing what I was doing on the same day in different years. Birthdays or holidays are obvious choices, but sometimes it's interesting to see what you were doing in mid-April every year. Instead of scrolling through big lists or searching for dates, you'll be able to jump by year just by tapping these buttons.

Earliest and Latest jump all the way to the very earliest entry or the very latest entry that you've written in the diary. For me that goes from April 1999 to today.

The most fun one, though, is Random. This picks a random entry from your diary and jumps you to it. It's a powerful way to reflect on your past, since you get a slice of your life without any preconceptions or context. If you have a lot of diary entries, hopping around your life can be quite addictive. Another fun way to use this is to pick a random date but cover the date label at the top of the page - and then try to guess the date from what you wrote. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing what people think of the new features. This is going to be an exciting update!

(By the way, the 'old style' entries listing with the search at the top is still available by tapping on the "Search" tab at the bottom.)

AuthorAndrew Burke