Remembary 1.4 was given a final buffing and polish and submitted to the App Store on Tuesday July 12th. Hopefully it'll be available in the store in a few days.

This update has been months in the making and has a number of new and exiciting features - most notably, a unique and powerful approach to tying images and video into your diary entries.

I've written up a post on my technical/business blog about how it works and some of my thoughts behind doing it in this particular way. 

(Also, if you liked that, there are a lot of other posts on my blog about Remembary and my experiences in building, promoting, and supporting it.)

There's a lot more coming soon about Remembary 1.4, including overviews of what's new, new How-To guides, tips & tricks for getting the most out of Remembary, and all-new videos.

Looking forward to hearing what people think about Remembary 1.4!

AuthorAndrew Burke