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The toughest part of writing a diary is starting. The next toughest part is keeping the habit. The Remembary Diary Plan can help, with advice on:

  • What to write in your diary
  • How to build a regular habit of diary-writing
  • What to do if you miss a day (or a week)
  • How keeping a diary helps you reflect on your life

Submit your email on the signup page and you'll get your first helpful email tomorrow. For the first week after signing up, you'll get a supportive, informative email every day, to guide you in your first steps. After that, you'll get an email every week or every month.

These short, encouraging emails will help get you started in your diary-keeping and keep you engaged for the long term. You don't have to be using the Remembary iPad app to get value out of this reminder program - it's for all kinds of diaries, handwritten, electronic, carved on stone tablets, or whatever. There's no cost, we will never give out your email address to anyone else, and you can stop receiving any time you want.

AuthorAndrew Burke