Remembary 1.4 Update:

Export has been changed a whole lot in the latest version of Remembary - so much so that it has its own button and popover now. 

To export, tap on the 'export' button - the rightmost button on the left side of the top bar. You'll see the export popover:

You can now pick the range of the export, based on the currently selected day, so if you're looking at June 16th, 2004, picking the "Year" will export all of 2004, while "Month" will export June 2004.

You can then pick the export target. The export file is always saved to the iPad first, where it can be synced to your computer through iTunes as described below. You can also send an email with the export as an attached file, or if you have a DropBox account, you can send it to your DropBox storage (it even creates a "Remembary" folder for you automatically).

The Original Post

For something as important as your personal diary, it's always a good idea to have a backup somewhere. You might also want to print out your diary on paper, or even bind it together into a book. Remembary lets you do this, but a lot of people have been having trouble figuring out how to do it. Here's how it works:

1. First, tap on the 'gears' icon on the left side of the top bar. This brings up the diary prefs popover. First, tap on the 'export' icon on the right side of the left collection of icons on the top bar.

2. Tap on the "Export Diary to Text" "Export" button. Depending on how much you have in your diary, your iPad will churn for a while, perhaps up to a minute. This is normal - it's loading up everything in your diary! Just wait while it runs. The export happens in the background now, freeing up Remembary so you can continue writing or browsing. If you keep the popover open, you'll be able to see the export progress. Eventually the text box will come up with "... exported to Remembary[date range].txt".

3. Plug your iPad into your computer, then go to iTunes and select your iPad in the sidebar. Pick "Apps" from the page that comes up. 

4. Scroll down to the bottom part of the "apps" page, and you'll see a list of apps that allow file transfers. One of the apps in the list will be Remembary - click on it.

5. In the list on the right, you should see your dated Remembary export files in there. That's your diary! Drag that file out to your computer's desktop. Now you can do whatever you want with it - open it in Word, Pages, or TextEdit, and format it to your heart's content, print it out, or just keep in a safe place.

Yes, I agree that this is a somewhat awkward process. Upcoming versions of Remembary will include options for exporting only a specific day, week, month, or year, emailing your diary, or syncing it to DropBox or MobileMe. 

If you're still having trouble (or have any questions or comments at all) don't hesitate to fill out the contact/support form or send a note on Twitter or Facebook.

AuthorAndrew Burke