Remembary 1.4 is now out, and it includes several big fixes for problems that some users have been having. Here are some other tips:

  1. First off, please let me know if you're having trouble! Fill out the support form and describe what happens. Many problems don't happen to everyone, so it's hard for me to fix things unless I know about the problems. This also lets me get back to you personally.
  2. Some people have reported that they can't see pictures or maps in Remembary. This is probably just a setting on your iPad and is easily fixed. Read all about it in this blog post.
  3. For security reasons, there is no way to restore a lost password - if you can't remember your password for Remembary, there's no other way into the app. This is another reason why it's a good idea to export your diary every so often. If you just want to start using Remembary again, you can delete it from your iPad and reinstall it, and you can start again with a new empty diary. (Of course all of your photos will show up just like before, since they're actually in your iPad's photo library). There are more details on resetting Remembary in this blog post.
  4. Remembary can get confused if it encounters poorly-formatted RSS feeds, and sometimes can get stuttery if it is downloading from very large feeds. Try using the 'Test Feeds' button in the feeds setup popover (where you entered the feeds in the first place) to see if everything works properly. If not, try removing that feed and see if Remembary performs more smoothly.
  5. Occasionally the cover page will stick in the closed position, locking you out of the app. Tapping anywhere on the page will make it open for you. You can also leave the app and come back in and the cover will open properly.
  6. If you're using iPhoto on a Mac, you might notice some pictures aren't syncing to your iPad properly. Here's how to fix that by clearing your cache.


AuthorAndrew Burke