Last week I published a blog post covering my experience in selling Remembary. My friend Pete Forde posted it on Hacker News, where it got a fair bit of attention, making it to the coveted front page. This was my first blog post to hit the front page of Hacker News - I feel like a real member of the technorati now.

In the interest of further disclosure: this got the article 6400 hits over the last few days. It looks like 10% of the article visitors went on to other parts of the site, and about 1% did things like view the intro video. It doesn't look like all of this attention lead to any actual sales, though. 

If you're interested in more about my experiences in building and selling Remembary, there's a whole series of posts on my blog.

Speaking of further disclosure, I've put a CSV export of my sales/rankings/etc. tracking spreadsheet on Pete Forde's cool new BuzzData platform (think GitHub for data). It has daily numbers since late October 2010 for sales, revenue, App Store rankings, search rankings, Facebook followers, etc. I'll be updating it every so often with new numbers.

Hope people find it useful.

AuthorAndrew Burke