Perhaps the most obvious update in the new Remembary 1.2 is its support for themes. The original 'planner' look has been complemented with five other great looking themes. I'm lucky in knowing a number of great designers and artists who were able to contribute to this project. Here's some more about the artists and their themes.

Carol Clapham is an artist and designer based in Simcoe County who is equally at home in industrial design and in art painting.

Carol designed the original "Planner" theme used in Remembary 1. It's still the standard by which all other themes are measured: professional but not cold, sophisticated but not too busy.

Carol provided three themes for the new Remembary:


Notebook has a great 3D spiral binding effect, and an uncanny resemblance to a real spiral-bound notebook. If you resize the default "Bradley Hand" font a bit, you can actually make it fit perfectly in between the lines.


I asked Carol for an 'old fashioned' look, like an ancient chronicle - and she came up with this great theme that looks appropriately antique while also being inspired by Carol's work in watercolour painting.


The #1 diary app in the store is pink and purple, with sparkles, hearts, and stickers. One of the big audiences for diaries is teenage girls, and they're also big users of social media - so it would be a good idea to have a theme that works well for that audience. However, extreme pink and sparkly is just not a direction that Remembary can go. With 'Circles', Carol managed to come up with a theme that looks decorative but doesn't leave you feeling like you just ate too much cotton candy. She tested it out on her own very picky teenage daughter, who gave it two thumbs up. Even older guys can use it without feeling odd.


It is a strange thing that in sea voyages where there is nothing to be seen but sky and sea, men should make diaries; but in land travel, wherein so much is to be observed, for the most part they omit it.
- Francis Bacon: "Of Travel"

I'm lucky enough to share an office in Halifax with two great designers. Nick Bolger has experience in video game design and cartoon animation, is finishing an information technology degree at Nova Scotia Community College, and is also working with my friends at Liquid Media. He had some spare time between projects and I asked him to do "something with a nautical theme," and he came up with 'Fathom'. It has great textures and use of details, and I really like the worn wood textures you can faintly see in the background.


I also share an office with the great iOS developers at MindSea. Lance Hancock has done some great work for them, including their top-selling PocketBooth. He designed Remembary's logo and icon, as well as the gorgeous new cover that you see every time you start the app. He also did 'Paper', a nice clean theme that looks modern and old at the same time.

Upcoming versions of Remembary will have more themes from these and other artists. Follow this blog for more news.

AuthorAndrew Burke