There are many new features and updated designs in the new Remembary 3.0, but the most obvious ones are the new themes that have been designed for the app. Here's a quick overview:

Bamboo is a light and breezy theme with a richly-textured pale paper and a light bamboo wood background. I liked it so much I made it the new default theme for new users. It's a little more universal and elegant than the previous starter theme, Codex (which is still available - don't worry!). This casual and natural look goes well with a light handwriting font like Jenna SueAndrew, or Noteworthy, or the elegant Royal Vogue, as seen here.

Leather is the result of some serious time spent exploring some great texture libraries. I wanted to have a theme that felt rich and luxurious without having too much distracting bling, and I think I succeeded. It also has a fairly subtle watermark. Leather works nicely with Times New Roman Italic, Hoefler Text, or Helvetica Neue Thin

Nocturne comes from recent studies that have shown that bright blue light, like that from an iPad or iPhone, right before bed can interfere with sleeping patterns. Many people like to write in their journals at bedtime or sometimes even when they wake up in the middle of the night - and although Remembary has a few other dark themes I wanted to make something that could be used in a totally pitch-black room without dazzling the user or waking up anybody nearby. This theme, with its black-on-black background and deep red text is hard to see in regular daylight, but it's perfect for night-owls. Use an extra large, thick font for this to ensure legibility - Marker Felt, Chalkboard, or Avenir Black Oblique are good choices.

Morning is sort of the opposite of Nocturne: something with bright whites, blues, and yellows to help you get your day started if, like me, you prefer to write in your journal with your morning coffee (pets optional). This works with a nice strong clean font like Avenir Black Oblique or perhaps Baskerville.

Grime is an expression of an idea I've had for a while: writing a journal like on a messy stack of papers. Some people like to be neat and orderly, and others like to get down and dirty. What's great with Remembary is that no matter how messy things might LOOK, everything is perfectly organized under the hood. I enjoyed adding some light staining and a grimy background - some early versions got a little carried away, but the final one doesn't distract too much from the writing. I've found this theme works really well with the custom Underwood Champion font.

AuthorAndrew Burke