Some people have found Remembary crashing on startup in the last few days. I've done some research and have discovered that Facebook has made some changes to their feed data format that break Remembary's feed reader. Facebook has a habit of introducing changes without telling anybody about them, and this looks like one of those situations. 

I've fixed the problem and will be submitting the update to the App Store shortly. In the meantime, here's what you can do to keep Remembary from crashing:

  1. Turn off internet access on your device. The easiest way to do this is to go to Settings and turn on "Airplane Mode".
  2. Without internet access, Remembary will open without crashing. Go to the Feed Prefs settings (the 'four inward-pointing arrows' button in the toolbar) and switch to the 'Facebook' tab. Tap on the switch to turn Facebook fetch OFF.
  3. Go back to your device settings and turn internet access back on again (turn "Airplane Mode" off).

Once you get the update next week, you'll be able to turn Facebook fetch back on again and everything should be fine.

I always feel disappointed when an app I use has an update and it turns out to only be a bug fix - so I'm also going to add some new fonts and themes to this new version. The new fonts are: 

  • Marion Italic
  • Gill Sans Light
  • Chalkboard
  • Baskerville Semi-Bold

There will also be three new themes: "Gradus Light", "Gradus Dark", and "Gradus Mono". There's been a recent trend away from densely-textured realistic-looking "skeuomorphic" looks (which Remembary uses a lot) towards "flat UI". These aren't completely flat, but they don't have 3D looks and use simple gradients instead of textures. 

Here's a preview of "Gradus Light", being built in Pixelmator:

For the technical-minded and curious: the 'checkins' feed from Facebook is supposed to have location specifications, which include name, address, and lat/long coordinates. Remembary uses these coordinates to put that checkin on its map. However, the new changes (unannounced and undocumented, as far as I can tell) will sometimes include just a text title for the entire location, often if it's a checkin at a custom event that doesn't have a specified location. Remembary was built to expect a complete data structure with coordinates, and in this case Facebook just gives it a single piece of text. This confuses the app enough to make it crash.

The fix simply makes sure that the returned value is actually a data structure, otherwise it skips trying to get a location for the checkin. I'm also adding better error handling so that if (when!) Facebook changes things again without telling anybody, it will simply skip funny data rather than crashing outright.

AuthorAndrew Burke