This Sunday September 9th at 10am Eastern Time, follow #remembarychat on Twitter to join a conversation between @remembary and "Social Journeyman" and long-time friend @OurManInMTL. We'll be talking about the ideas behind the app, the benefits of the diary-writing habit, social media, epic road trips, and more.

The conversation will happen entirely on Twitter, and feel free to join in simply by tweeting at either of us and/or using the #remembarychat. Here are some of the questions we'll be covering - feel free to contribute your own. 

  • When did you first start documenting your day to day experiences?
  • What are the barriers to being consistent with the diary experience?
  • Are there differences in writing on paper vs digital?
  • Tell us about the imputus to develop the Remembary App.
  • What are some fun moments or important moments you have in your Remembary diary?

Looking forward to the chat - and I hope people can join in. I know Sunday morning doesn't work for everybody, but if you miss the talk live just search Twitter for #remembarychat and you can see everything that was said.

AuthorAndrew Burke