Recent updates to Remembary have changed how the app connects to Facebook. Some people have reported having trouble getting connected.

Because iOS6 has Facebook authentication built-in but iOS5 doesn't, Remembary has to do a few tricky thing to make sure it works properly for everybody. There are several things to check to make sure Facebook is working properly:


1. If you're on iOS6, make sure that you have set up your Facebook account in the "Settings" app and that you have enabled Remembary.

2. If you're on iOS6 and have a Facebook account already set up in the "Settings" app, make sure that the "Use iOS Facebook Account" switch is set to 'On' in Remembary's feeds panel (the 'four inward-pointing arrows' button in the top bar).

2. If you aren't set up with an iOS6 system-level Facebook account, you'll see an "Authenticate with Facebook" button on that panel instead. If you're already authenticated, you should see a "Log Out of Facebook" button. 

3. Go to the "Auto-Fetch" tab in the feeds panel and make sure the "Auto-fetch Twitter/FB/RSS Feeds" switch is set to "ON".

4. Sometimes, things just need to be refreshed. Try writing a new Facebook status update, then leave Remembary and come back to it - then flip to yesterday's entry and back to today's entry. Does the new status show up properly? You might also want to double-check your Facebook timeline and then go back to earlier dates in Remembary that should have status updates and see if anything shows up.


5. Note that Remembary only downloads Status Updates and Location Check-ins that have text in them. If you're just posting a picture without any comment, then it won't show up. Also, things like writing on other peoples' walls or liking a page etc. won't appear either.

If you're still having trouble getting connected to Facebook, please let me know. You can also reach me on Remembary's Facebook page.

AuthorAndrew Burke