Remembary's picture support is one of the things that makes it a unique and powerful diary app. In most cases, Remembary starts checking all of your pictures as soon as you start using the app, but sometimes things can go wrong. Here are some things to check to make sure that Remembary is getting pictures properly.

1. Make sure you have pictures on your device. Sometimes the iOS/iTunes photo sync doesn't work properly and sometimes the photo library just disappears. Simply take a look at the "Photos" app and make sure there are pictures in there. You can also take a look at Photo Stream to see if anything is coming through there. Remembary checks both the local photo libraries and your Photo Stream.

2. Make sure that Remembary has access to the photo library. If you're on iOS6, go to the "Settings" app, pick "Privacy", and then "Photos". You'll get a list of all apps that have access to the photo library. Make sure Remembary is on this list and make sure that the switch next to it is set to "ON". If you're on iOS5, access to the photo library is granted through "Location Services". This access is turned off if you selected "NO" to the access questions when you first started the app.

3. Make sure that Remembary is set up to receive pictures. Tap on the 'four arrows pointing inward' icon in the top bar to bring up the Fetch settings box and then tap on the "Auto-Fetch" tab Make sure that "Auto-fetch Photos and Videos" has been set to "ON". iOS has a bug in the photo library that can sometimes make Remembary crash if there aren't any pictures in the library - so now Remembary checks to see if it crashed the last time you were using it, and if it did it turns off the photo auto-fetch and displays an error message page. 

4. If all of this has been set up correctly, try going to a date where you know you have photos in your device - a recent birthday or something like that - and see if pictures show up. It might take a while for them to appear if you have a big photo library (you'll see a little spinner to the right of the feed buttons while it's looking for pictures).

5. Go to today's entry and tap on the camera icon to take a picture directly from the app. Once the picture has been taken, it should show up in today's picture menu.

If you're still having trouble getting pictures to show up, please contact me with more details and I'll help you out personally.

AuthorAndrew Burke