The latest update to Remembary is now available in the App Store. This was supposed to be a quick fix to address some quirks found in 2.0.2, but I decided to take the time to fully upgrade the app to support iOS6, as well as the new iPhone5 and iPad Mini.

Here are some highlights:

  • All of the themes have been updated with 'tall' and 'wide' retina graphics to support the new iPhone5. All of the app's popups and panels have had their layouts adjusted to use the full height.
  • The bug that was preventing calendar events from showing up in iOS6 has been fixed.
  • Remembary now uses iOS6's built-in Facebook authentication. Note: The Facebook permission prompt asks for access to your 'friends list' - this is a requirement for the Facebook API but Remembary doesn't use it at all. It just uses your status updates and location check-ins.
  • Twitter has removed the ability to check unauthenticated accounts, so the freeform Twitter address field has been removed from the Twitter settings box. Now you can only use Twitter accounts that have been configured in your device's Settings.
  • There was a embarrassing bug that only showed up when during "Fall Back" daylight savings time adjustments, since it makes for a day with 25 hours. This has been fixed.
  • There is a bug in iOS6's (now patented!) implementation of the 3D page turn logic that sometimes makes it show the wrong page when the device is rotated. Remembary 2.0.3 has extra checks in place to catch this bug and fix it on the fly. You might notice brief flashes of the wrong page and layout when you rotate the device - but Remembary should be showing you the proper day's entry in the proper orientation.
  • For 2.0.2, I moved Remembary from the "Lifestyle" category to "Social Media". I'm not sure it entirely fit in there, and sales seemed to slow down a bit, so I've moved it back to "Lifestyle".

I'm also working on more updates and even a few surprises before the big diary-buying New Year's season. Look for 2.1 (or at least 2.0.4) soon.

AuthorAndrew Burke