A small update to Remembary has just been approved to the App Store. I had actually submitted 2.0.1  a while ago, but while it was waiting for approval some other problems came up, so I canceled it and worked on 2.0.2 instead. It fixes some problems that came up with Remembary 2.0 and adds a few small features:


- Some users didn't want to allow Remembary to access their Twitter accounts, but if they had a password on their diary they would get stuck in an endless loop of Twitter access requests that would just pop back to the password page again. It doesn't do this anymore. Also, there's now a switch in the "Auto-Fetch" box specifically to turn off Twitter.

- Exporting in 'Data' format would sometimes crash, especially if sending the export to an email or DropBox. It doesn't now.

- It's always been tricky to get the cell heights right for the feed items tableview, but the new logic for that is much better than it's been before. Big long Facebook posts should now fit just as well as single-word tweets, and nothing should be truncated anymore.

- The "Facebook" link in the help section now goes to the correct page (Like us!)


- If you're looking at a picture full-screen, tapping on it now hides the top bar, letting you see more of the picture. Tapping again or going to another picture shows the bar again.

- The 'copy feed item to diary' button icon isn't a grainy MS-Office-style 'copy' icon anymore, but is now a high-res arrow that should be more meaningful.

- The Facebook/Twitter/RSS icons in the feeditems listing are now all retina-enhanced.

Next Up

I'm already at work on Remembary 2.1. Software is always trickier than expected and schedules are difficult, so I can't say exactly when this will be out, but I'm hoping before the end of 2012, and I hope it will include:

  • Support for iOS6's built-in Facebook authentication.
  • Support for the new longer iPhone5 screen (and whatever new device they might announce later this week).
  • In-App purchase for new themes.
  • Thumbnails for Facebook and maybe Twitter pictures directly in the feeds.
  • 'Recently Played Songs' as an (in-app purchase?) option in the feeds list, for people who make music their life.
  • FourSquare and perhaps App.net support.
  • Export to HTML, eBook, and perhaps PDF formats.
AuthorAndrew Burke