Your Life.

On Your Device.

"Remembary is a great iPad Journal App" -

The best looking diary/journal app for iOS.

A dozen retina-grade themes with rich textures and 3D page turn effects. 14 scalable fonts. Full-screen zoomable images and maps.

Your whole day is here. With pictures and maps too.

Never forget a day. Your Tweets, Facebook Status updates, iCal events, photos, videos, blog posts - they're all automatically included in each day's entry. Items with GPS data show up on a map.

Now you can take your life with you.

The best diary app on the iPad is now also on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Export/Import your diary with DropBox to share with all of your devices.

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REMEMBARY 2 IS NOW IN THE APP STORE! See what's new in Remembary 2.

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